b. 1986, HK.

About the people:

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Melissa Pierce Murray

Artist and Creative Director

Melissa is a sculptor whose works equally evoke human emotions and forces of immense landscapes. Informed by poetry, physics and dance, they are physical metaphors which speak about the experience of being human -  subject to intense feelings and complex thoughts from within, and powerful forces of nature and culture from without.

She chooses materials for their potential to be transformed while still retaining their own meanings. In recent works she embedded spiky black shards of steel in blocks of transparent ice, and wrapped steel in precarious arrangements in swathes of bubble-wrap. She is currently working on a series of installations exploring the precarious resilience she sees in how humans relate to physical environments and to each other around the globe.

Recent exhibitions include SciArt at the Cavendish (2018), Stasis (Cambridge, 2017)Royal Society of Sculptors Bursary Show (2017), Into Boundless Space I Leap, (curated by Kettle’s Yard for the University of Cambridge Maxwell Center, 2016) and Constellation (Norwich Undercroft, 2016). In 2016, Murray was jointly commissioned to create Breaking Boundaries, a live art installation combining sculpture, dance, and video, for Passion for Knowledge (San Sebastian, Spain). Awards and Residencies include Ashurt Emerging Artist Art Prize (Shortlisted, 2018), AA2A Placement (2017), Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award (2016), and Contemporary Visual Arts Network/Museums at Night mentoring program (2016). She holds a BA in English Literature and Physics, and an MA in Fine Arts.


Philipp Koehler

Scientist and Photographer/ Filmmaker

Philipp is a c2015 NanoDTC student, working on optofluidic microreactors for advanced photocatalysis in his PhD, jointly between the Optofluidics Group (Department of Physics) and the Reisner Group (Department of Chemistry). Also an experienced photographer and filmmaker, he expresses his creativity and ideas visually in the forms of science, photography, and filmmaking. He likes to break things down to get to their roots. In terms of science, this means simplifying complex systems until a basic model remains that can explain the overall behaviour. In terms of art, this makes him an advocate for minimalistic design, which is discernible in his portrait work. Simplifying and decluttering are processes that he actively engages in. He thrives in environments with enough creative space to generate new ideas.

Philipp did his Bachelor and Master of Science in Physics at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, before moving to the NanoDTC at Cambridge.

Optofluidics Group & Reisner Group


Adriana Forte - MA student, Anglia Ruskin University

Briony Marshall - Professional artist

Cass Baumberg - Sixth form student

Jacqui Jones - MA student, Norwich University of Arts

Melissa Pierce Murray (2nd Video) - Professional artist

Neil Horsefield - MA student, Anglia Ruskin University

Priya Odedra (2nd Video) - MA student, Central Saint Martins

Reggi Liu - MA student, Central Saint Martins

Ted Byard - MA student, Norwich University of Arts

Thomas Hill - MA student, Norwich University of Arts

Tim Simmons - Professional artist

Tin Tran - MA student, Norwich University of Arts

Victoria Westerman - MA student, Central Saint Martins

NanoDTC Students and Associates

Charles Creissen - c2014

Greg Tainter - c2013

Hannah Laeverenz Schlogelhofer - c2014

Joshua Lewis - c2015

Katarzyna Sokól - Associate

Lok Yi Lee - Associate

Michael Smith - Associate

Michelle Teplensky - Associate

Oliver Burton - c2017

Philipp Koehler - c2015

Sean Cormier - Associate

Shruti Sharma - c2015

Simon Engelke - Associate

Taylor Uekert - c2016

Tommaso Busolo - c2016

William Stockham - c2016