Copy of Converting Dark States to Bright States

Converting Dark States to Bright States

Recently, a new class of highly efficient organic LEDS made of carbene metal amides (CMA) were identified by the Optoelectronics Group at Cambridge. The molecular structure of carbene metal amides can be divided into two parts: the amide donor and the carbene acceptor, that are separated by a metallic bond. This metallic bond allows the molecule to rotate so that electrons in non-emissive ‘dark’ states can go to emissive ‘light’ states. The transition in the energy levels is being further investigated by the group to understand the molecular mechanism of the CMA molecules. This research could help produce better OLEDs for flexible displays and could be used as a new efficient light source.

Artist's Statement

The video is about about how CMA as an molecule functions and interacts with OLEDs. Special thanks to Dawei for helping me to understand the notion of CMA OLEDs. Reggy Liu is a fine artist and creative director with a practice incorporating drawing, painting, screen printing, photography, film, digital art, sculpture, and installation. Liu works in harmony between art, fashion, and science – social psychology, physics, facial cognition, special and colour cognition. She’s exploring her work through thinking, making, and recreating.
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