About Melissa & Philipp


Melissa Pierce Murray

Artist and Creative Director

It’s a constellation of brief encounters showing what happens when art and science collide.
— Melissa Pierce Murray

About Melissa:

Melissa Pierce Murray creates physical metaphors which might equally evoke emotional states or forces of immense landscapes, using a range of materials: plasma-cut steel, carved wood, ice, glass, or bubble-wrap.  From large-scale sculptural installations asserting dynamic and powerful lines, to handheld objects revealing an intrigue of abrading and shaping, her works reflect an interest in the process of thinking through making, investigating various modes of interaction between the artwork, audience, and environment. Edgy, alluring, playful, or awkward, her works are not so much to be viewed as to be encountered, inviting a reflective or felt response.

Recent exhibitions include Stasis (Cambridge, 2017)Royal Society of Sculptors Bursary Show (2017), Into Boundless Space I Leap, (curated by Kettle’s Yard for the University of Cambridge Maxwell Center, 2016) and Constellation (Norwich Undercroft, 2016). In 2016, Murray was jointly commissioned to create Breaking Boundaries, a live art installation combining sculpture, dance, and video, for the inauguration of Passion for Knowledge (San Sebastian, Spain). She is currently working on a series of installations exploring the precarious resilience she see in how humans relate to physical environments and to each other around the globe.

Currently an AA2A artist-in-residence at Anglia Ruskin University, in 2016 Murray received the Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award, and was selected for the Contemporary Visual Arts Network/Museums at Night mentoring program. She holds a BA in English Literature and Physics, and an MA in Fine Arts. 

I would like to use this unique series of videos to make science accessible to a great, global audience. I want to give this to the NanoDTC in thanks for creating a unique research environment that provides room for creativity and new ideas.
— Philipp Koehler

Philipp Koehler

Scientist and Photographer/ Filmmaker

About Philipp:

Philipp Koehler expresses his creativity and ideas visually in the forms of science, photography, and filmmaking. He likes to break things down to get to their roots. In terms of science, this means simplifying complex systems until a basic model remains that can explain the overall behaviour. In terms of art, this makes him an advocate for minimalistic design, which is discernible in his portrait work. Simplifying and decluttering are processes that he actively engages in. He thrives in environments with enough creative space to generate new ideas.

Koehler did his Bachelor and Master of Science in Physics at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, before moving on to Cambridge for a Master of Research in Nanotechnology and now a PhD, where he is the representative of the NanoDTC cohort of 2015.

From the age of 18, Koehler has been a registered professional photographer, filmmaker, and webdesigner - his company "Kwebdesign" is based in Germany. He has previously produced image films for Lufthansa,  websites for several international midsize companies, two music videos, and more then ten travel documentaries. More recently, he is the photographer for the Cambridge Union and an executive member of the University of Cambridge Photography Society (PhoCUS).